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With the ‘work from home’ scenario, do you have everything you need to set up a home office? Now, your list might include everything- from getting a new personal laptop to earbuds to speakers. But setting up a home office is not easy. Or is it? 

A lot of domains are already selling all that you require online. But is it in the budget? With a never-ending list for you to shop for- the thing you need is ‘get it in the budget.’ We at Unique Deals have packed all the deals for you to grab. 

Let’s dive further into our category for Laptops & Netbooks

  1. Apple MacBook: With the tagline ‘Small chip. Giant leap.’ Apple MacBooks are now available for you to get your hands on. From MacBook Pro to MacBook Air are all on sale.        
  2. DELL ALIENWARE: Artfully engineered designs with improved thermal for longer gaming sessions & visuals that feel real. A power-packed machine to take care of it all- buy DELL ALIENWARE 51M r2 gaming laptop at Unique Deals.       
  3. Razer Blade: Examine a comprehensive selection of gaming, productivity, and creator laptops to meet your needs for both work and play. Only the best graphics on a superior display, backed by a system powered by cutting-edge technology & grab the Razer Blade Stealth 13.3” here with us. 

Home & Garden:

Almost every country has seen a slight increase in the homeware, furnishing, and gardening sectors over the last year or so. Because of the Covid lockdowns, almost everyone was stuck at home,’ finally able to tackle those DIY or gardening projects. And to facilitate your DIY projects, we have all the right tools for you.

Here is the list of what you can browse on our website: 

  1. Tool Kits.
  2. Power tool kit. 
  3. Home Wares. 

And much more for you to discover. Simply hit here and shop away! 

Amazing deals on computer

Hair Tools:

Your hairstyle, to some extent, defines who you are. Everyone has a unique hairstyle. An appropriate hairstyle improves a person’s appearance and personality. It can play an important role in boosting your self-esteem. So to help you out with the tools that you might need to style your precious here, here are a few suggestions from us: 


  1. Straightener- A hair straightener can give your clients a variety of pretty looks with minimal effort. This fantastic hair styling tool should be on every hairdresser’s hair styling tool list. Waves, crimps, curls, ponytails, and bounces can all be achieved with a hair straighter. With this tool, you can identify your client’s needs and provide her with the style she desires.
  2. Dryer- This is a very effective tool because it helps you maintain moisture in the hair and instantly makes your clients/ or you look good. It is always preferable to purchase a lighter model with low sound output. You should not skimp on technical specifications because you will need better control and a shiny finish. Browse the dryer here and add it to the cart. 
  3. Haier clippers – As it aids hair sectioning, this tool effectively reduces your effort while styling or cutting your hair. For better results, purchase clips with maximum grip. Look for dry sectioning clips that are also suitable for wet hair.

Know about the hair styling tools on Unique Deals here. 

Fun gift cards: 

Apart from all the physical items, you can buy gift cards with us & have a fun time. Get exclusive Naked Wine vouchers & discover a better way to enjoy wine with us. Claim your vouchers here! 

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